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Different because of response, personal contact, and turn-around time.
Our Services
The A.S.A.P. collection program is in line with Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and California Civil Codes. This includes all written correspondence and verbal communications to the homeowners.

Searches: Before anything is sent to the homeowners, we verify with the County that the ownership and address information provided matches the County's information. We are able to do this because we are affiliated with several ownership data providers serving California. We also search for any pending bankruptcies that the owners may have filed without notification to the Association. These initial searches are important because properties transfer without proper notification to the Association and owners sometimes forget to include the Association in their bankruptcy.

Accounting: When we set up a case we enter the Association's entire account history as far back to a zero balance as possible. Then, on a monthly basis, we update the account history by adding the next month's assessment, late fees and interest incurred and any other charges that may have been added by the Association.

Detailed Monthly Status Reports on every case are emailed around the 6th of every month. Every case has a detailed status report that is provided to the Association or its managing agent. ALL collection activities are logged and reported on the status report such as: letters mailed or received, ALL phones calls, incoming and outgoing including the basics of what was discussed, establishing payment plans, faxes sent or received and payments received and disbursed. Basically, every time we touch a case we document it.

Our collection activities are timely, professional and effective. From the time our initial letter is sent to the owners to the time that we close the case, our collection activities are consistent with the timelines that we quote to the owners. If our letter says that we expect payment in full, or for the owners to call us and arrange a payment plan within 10 days, and they do not contact us, we proceed. We have a 5 - 7 day grace period to allow for weekends, holidays and the occasional delay by mail, but after that we continue to the next step of collection.

Homeowner, management and board inquiries are handled the same business day. This is one of our strong points in our collection practices, as you will see in the testimonials of our clients and homeowners. They appreciate that we are available and ready to handle their call when they call. All calls received are handled the same day if they are received during business hours. We encourage communications because we believe that informed owners and clients mean better results for all.

Payment plans can be established & serviced by A.S.A.P. until paid in full, including current assessments. We understand that one of the main reasons homeowners do not pay their assessments is because they are experiencing temporary financial difficulties. We also understand that it is better to set up a payment plan with an owner than force an unnecessary foreclosure. So when an owner calls to establish a payment plan we work with them to set a plan they can afford and is in line with our authority with the Association. We welcome personal checks because we believe that it is an inconvenience to the owner to require paying by cashiers check or money order. However, if a check is returned for any reason we reserve the right to require certified funds.

Special reimbursement billing cases are welcome, e.g. invoices for damage to common area. If you have delinquent accounts that involve special reimbursement billings and you have followed the due process procedures required prior to adding the amount to the account, A.S.A.P. will accept these type of cases for collection. We have assisted many Associations in cleaning up their books by collecting these types of assessments. In fact, one association assigned us $8,500 worth of debt that was 10 years old and we were able to collect 97% of the money within 90 days.

Old or large balance delinquencies are our specialty! Cases are NOT returned to you unresolved. Associations and management companies are encouraged to look at delinquency reports and turn over any accounts that are collecting dust. If they are collectible we will let you know and if they're not, we will let you know that, too. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. We love resolving these types of cases, so don't be embarrassed by the amount.