A.S.A.P. Collection Services Lunch & Learn
Different because of response, personal contact, and turn-around time.
About A.S.A.P
With over 25 years experience in the Community Association industry, A.S.A.P.'s professionals understand that it is important to be firm in the collection process, but it is equally important to be fair and reasonable. Every homeowner is treated with respect.

Large balances or small, our Association clients notice a dramatic reduction in their delinquency reports within 45 days of our service.

No matter what your style of management is, it is important to have a collection program that is fair, consistent, and exercised against all non-paying members. Our collection system accommodates all styles.

Resolving an issue before it becomes a problem has been key to our successful collection practices. A.S.A.P.'s principal owner is a professionally trained mediator and has established the company's policies and procedures from mediation techniques learned through training and through real life experience as a community association manager. Our approach to all issues is, "How can we assist in bringing this matter to a close?"

Our commitment is to provide assessment collection services that offer our association and management clients helpful guidance through the collection process, while providing timely, effective collection procedures that work.


Customer service is another key to a successful collection program! We are available to you and the homeowners and have made it part of our policy to return all calls received the same business day. We know if you are calling us you need something from us and if a homeowner is calling us we know we can resolve the case.


Both Associations and delinquent accounts can be submitted to us via our website.  Once you've been issued a password, you are able to quickly enter new accounts, upload account histories and other relevant documents, and receive a confirmation receipt showing when the account was entered into our system.