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Different because of response, personal contact, and turn-around time.
Client Quotes

Throughout the years we have received many notes and letters from previously delinquent owners, thanking us for assisting them in getting back on track with their Association. And we hear from Board Members and Managers how much time we save them every month and how confident they feel about the collection program we have developed with them.

Here are a few examples:

"We use A.S.A.P. because of your results, follow-through and success at collections. We will continue to use A.S.A.P. because of your success at collections and your customer service has greatly reduced our complaints from homeowners."

    Mark Goldberg, Community Manager for Blackhawk Homeowners Association
    Pauline Nolte, Assistant Manager & Collections Supervisor for Blackhawk HOA

"We use A.S.A.P. because you're the best and you collect! A.S.A.P. is different from other companies because of your response, personal contact and turn-around time".

    Caroline McCormick, Owner of Association Communications, Inc.

"We are using A.S.A.P. because although we have few delinquent owners, you and your staff pursue the delinquencies as though we have a large number of delinquent owners placed with you.

What makes A.S.A.P. different are a number of things. A) You return phone calls, B) you follow up on delinquent parties in a timely manner and C) you are firm but also courteous to them. We will continue to use A.S.A.P. because we can depend on you. A big plus is our attorney has said he feels your office is professional and follows the legal regulations."

    Karen Walker, Owner of Bay Area Rental & Management Company

"We have had great success with your services. Your staff is exemplary and your personal mix with professionalism, in collecting from our owners, has been the best balance that I've seen. On behalf of the Board, I wish to thank you for all that you have done."

    Gary E. Myhro, AMS, CCAM, former Association Manager of Hillcrest Vista HOA

"We are using A.S.A.P. because your bid solicitation was most professionally submitted. You had competitive rates and a track record of collecting. Your company is extremely personable, yet professional. You show that you know the business well and you work with our owners. A.S.A.P. gets us the results."

    Tyrone Chow, Board President, Rancho Santa Teresa Swim & Racquet

"We needed better collection efforts and results, A.S.A.P. has personalized, prompt service, now our collections have improved."

    Paula Zagarls, Owner of Liberty Property Management

"This letter is to thank you for the excellent collection work you've provided all our clients over the past two years. Today I had the occasion to review the collection activity for one of our Associations and was very pleased to see the level of detail that you and your company has employed to protect our clients. Your reports give our board members exactly the information they need. Each of our clients has grown accustomed to your work and, though they haven't expressed it to you personally, they really appreciate it.

Our managers particularly like the reports you provide. We don't often have to talk to you about the routine collections giving us more time to dwell on the other demands of our day and that has great value to us. Your timeliness, professionalism and availability make working with A.S.A.P. a great experience.

Probably the best compliment we can make is that every manager in our office is very pleased with your work. There aren't many vendors that you can give a job and then assume the work is done. You are one of those vendors and it's a pleasure knowing that you are out there holding out for us and our clients. Our decision to give you authority to make payment arrangements with our clients has empowered you to get our client's money without a cumbersome decision tree. It also helps the owners to deal with only one person rather than multiple people. I believe this procedure has helped produce better results. Thank you for taking this responsibility seriously. You are our company's sole collection relationship for all the reasons stated above."

    Steve Weibel, CCAM, Former Owner of Common Interest Management Services

"Thanks for understanding and being considerate during my situation! Everything is coming together."

    Homeowner, Antioch, California

"Thank you for helping us through this tough time, we really appreciated that you gave us a different experience of a collection company, we really felt like you cared about us and our temporary set-backs."

    Homeowner, Concord, California

"Cheryl, Thank You so very much for understandlng! Hope to meet you in person someday. Thank you again."

    Homeowner, Oakland, California